Discover Unseen Connections

Sparking a “connectorial explosion” of insight and foresight

We help organizations to:

  • Discover hidden, blind and unknown relationships between all parties to transactions and interactions...customers, suppliers, partners...
  • Re-present and visually interact with enterprise data in new and different ways using a graph database
  • Gain deeply-informed customer engagement, sales decisions, and account-based marketing

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Know more, sell more. That’s the idea behind a contextually-rich Enterprise Graph.

Using graph database and visualization technology, Perera takes clients beyond the edges of a 360-degree customer view, exposing unseen, revenue-generating network connections and data relationships. We help organizations to illuminate "dark connections", opening up new vistas and paths to deeply-informed marketing decisions, customer engagement and sales insight.

Here's how we work with clients to exploit contextual identity resolution and connect operationally isolated enterprise systems, such as CRM, MDM and EDWs.

CONFERENCE ROOM TALKS Learn about the Enterprise Graph in this spirited, vendor-agnostic, one- to three-hour - GraphTALKsm - conducted onsite at your location for key stakeholders.

ENTERPRISE GRAPH SPRINT On your mark. Get set. Go with our group white-boarding approach - GraphDoodlingsm - to model, conceptualize, reason and articulate an Enterprise Graph.

ENTERPRISE GRAPH TRYOUT Discover use cases for a contextually-enhanced Enterprise Graph. Just shy of a limited rollout, get the immediate benefits of a POC…with real data and real results.

ONSITE EDUCATION & COACHING Learn the ten must-do's for creating an Enterprise Graph in this intensive one- or two-day Graphicationsm workshop. Conducted onsite at your location.

GRAPH TECHNOLOGY SELECTION Let us help you wisely evaluate and choose among graph database options for creating an Enterprise Graph ...all without any technology vendor bias.

CUSTOMER GRAPH 'PORTKEY' Let us help you design and build a bespoke Customer Knowledge Graph that snaps onto SalesForce, MS Dynamics or SugarCRM for deeply-informed customer engagement.

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